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“More The Same Than Different”

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Have you ever seen a wheelchair user who might need some help but weren’t sure what to do? Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with someone who has a significant speech impediment but were afraid you might be awkward and say something offensive?

More the Same than Different: What I Wish People Knew About Respecting and Including People with Disabilities is a practical guide for anyone who may not have much experience interacting with people with disabilities and wants to feel more comfortable. Full of skills and strategies to implement, as well as stories from Lorraine’s personal experience, this book explains, from Lorrain’s perspective, what people did right and what could have happened differently.

Examples of chapter titles include: The Importance of What You Say, The Importance of How You Say What You Say, Empowerment, Positive Interactions, Inclusion, Inspiration and the Concept of Inspiration Porn, and Disability Etiquette.

This book exemplifies in many ways that we are all more the same than different.

Reviews from "More The Same Than Different"

Lorraine has been giving our readers an inside view of her life as a wheelchair user for years as a writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her book is a helpful collection of observations and tips for those of us who aren’t quite sure what to do when we encounter people with disabilities in our daily lives.

Amy Newmark, editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books


Lorraine Cannistra has done an excellent job of capturing real life situations and experiences that many people with disabilities encounter in their typical daily routine of life. “More the Same than Different: What I Wish People Knew about Respecting and including People with Disabilities”, is a book written for all walks of life including those who have very little interaction with people with disabilities, as well as those who have daily contact and long-term relationships with this population  This book highlights suggestions and strategies to help remove awkwardness and provide a bridge to making connections, developing friendships and including people with disabilities. This is an excellent book for anyone interested and building relationships with people with disabilities from those who are caregivers, educators, service providers, to those who have had little to no contact or lack the skills to know how to engage and interact with individuals with disabilities. I highly recommend More the Same than Different: What I Wish People Knew about Respecting and Including People with Disabilities for anyone who wishes to enrich their life by building an understanding of simple techniques and strategies that lead to deeper engagement, connection and relationship building with people with disabilities.

Dr. Irma Brasseur-Hock
Faculty, Department of Special Education
University of Kansas
Assistant Research Professor, Center for Research on Learning

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