Leah always sees the best in people.  Whoever she encounters she approaches with her tail wagging, as if to say “Hi, I’m Leah.  Can we be friends?”  It is simple, direct, and works like magic.  I have never seen anyone meet Leah who doesn’t eventually adore her.  Sometimes I wish she would teach me her secret.  Truth!

Leah also sees my heart.  She knows when I am sad or frustrated and has always voluntarily taken on the job of making me feel better.  She has the routine down.  When she senses I am upset, she nudges me to get my attention.  Then she puts her front paws on my lap and waits for a hug.  She will nuzzle my neck until she senses that I am calmer. Even if she has to repeat the routine several times, she won’t stop until she is convinced I am okay again.

Leah sees getting her dinner as the best part of her day.  Her whole body wiggles in anticipation when she knows I am getting her food out of her bin.  In those times she reminds me to be grateful for the little things, like the fact that I have enough food to eat every day when some people do not.

Leah sees all time as play time.  On days when I am working long hours at my computer, she will bring me one of her toys and nudge me without mercy until I take a break and spend quality time with her.  She won’t stop playing until she has made me laugh at least once.

Leah sees second chances.  When she has been naughty and done something she shouldn’t have, she is sorry as soon as she hears my “mommy” voice.  After a minute or two of feeling really bad, she wants to run right back and be friends again.

Leah sees opportunity.  Whenever I am in the kitchen making dinner for myself, she sits very close by, in case I have a spasm and drop whatever is in my hand at the moment.  Sometimes my spasms work well for Leah!  J  She also sees opportunity when I am washing dishes because the sink is very close to the drawer we keep her treats in.  So, whenever I am at the sink for any reason, she sits next to me and reminds me that she is a perfect angel who never does anything wrong and she doesn’t know how to beg.  She doesn’t know the meaning of the word “manipulate.” either.  Go figure.  Why would anyone ever go to the drawers in the kitchen unless they had the sole intention of giving Leah a treat? It’s the only thing that makes sense in her little puppy head.

Leah sees every nap as a necessary and important activity.  It’s her go-to pastime, and she makes the most of it, even chasing squirrels in her sleep.  In her dreams, she catches them every time.  Go Leah!  But she doesn’t nap all day every day.  Leah wakes up every few minutes to check on me and make sure things are good.  When I give her that assurance, she goes back to her work at the wood pile (sawing logs) and snores louder than any other creature, human or animal, that I have ever met.

Leah sees love.  She knows I would do anything in my power to make sure she is living the best life possible and she knows the strength of the bond we share.  She also gives me unconditional love in return, which is unquestionably one of the best blessings I have in my life.

I hope people know me well enough by now to know that I wouldn’t ask for help from anyone unless we really needed it.   Leah needs cataract surgery on her left eye.  The procedure is scheduled for December 15th in Kansas City.  She will also need lots of follow-up care.

A very thoughtful friend of mine has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise the needed funds for this procedure.  (Thanks, Andrea!) Please donate if you can by clicking on the link below, and/or please share this campaign with as many people possible.  Leah and I would sincerely appreciate this support and kindness as well as your thoughts and prayers.

Please. Help Leah to see.  Thanks!